Planting ideas through images; the making of a documentary.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Progress Report

I haven't been blogging, mostly because I've been editing like mad. Making hay while the sun shines!

Or let's say you are planting seeds, getting your hands in the dirt, and you finally get to the end of a row and then another, and you just ignore the aches and pains, bend down again and again, and keep on task, and suddenly, even though it seems like forever, you've reached the last row. All your work is not done, there's weeding ahead, insects to fight off, and down the road, a harvest, but it feels good to look back and see all the little sprouts waving their green flags behind you, in their orderly processions.

I'm very close to having a rough cut of the film. I've been just cutting scenes one by one, and now, soon, I'll hook all those scenes together and see what I've made of it.

I took that opportunity to call up Farmer Don and tell him where we are at. Don Roberts is a very vigorous and feisty seventy something year old, and he's had some health challenges this winter, which has kept him a bit low for a few months.

The good news is, he's successfully recovered, and sounded hearty, and jovial, much like his old self, it was a joy to hear!

Here's to Don and Joni!!


  1. May the warm rain fall on your garden! And the sun shine.

  2. I truly enjoyed the show. I spent my summers on a farm in Newfolden MN, and was so sad to see it leave the family.From what I saw, you are good people, which is what we need more of. They're there, I think some just need a little nudge. I wish you folks health, happiness and prosperity....peace.
    Dave H. Coon Rapids, MN