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Monday, January 11, 2010

Seeds and Wings

Here in this blog, is a kind of launching pad, a leafpile of stickies, an etch-a-sketch where I can work out some ideas about a film I am making, called "Dirty Work", the story of Elsie's Farm in Richland, WI.

One of the owners, Don Roberts, was an old friend of my faithful companion and fellow filmmaker, Mike Hazard. He and his wife, Joni Cash, traded a comfortable life in the city for a piece of land in the country where they could garden full time and make beautiful love with vegetables for their family and friends.

We started filming because a community supported agriculture farm, or CSA, like Elsie's, usually expects and depends on their members to pitch in with the work in some way. And, given our backgrounds, we preferred pixels to pitchforks.

It's not enough to nurture seedlings, aerate compost, and pick beets, your 21st century farm needs to have a virtual presence as well. And so does the film, which is an act of imagination as well.

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